Sunday, August 22, 2010

a real live adult.

that's how i've felt recently.

i ran out to the harris teeter the other night and while i was on my blackberry doing business, i shopped around and saved $28.50 on my entire grocery bill. i saw a few friends around there, and we were all education majors and we had fun with our coupons and different in-class stories.

thursday was also known as crazyday. i had class all day and as soon as that was done, i ran home and threw on a pretty little sundress so i could go to the open house. i met 40 students and their parents and even some siblings. it went so great! i love these kids! most were either incredibly excited or scared out of their poor little minds. and my teacher is GREAT! take me and make me a yankee and you have my cooperating teacher. she's enthusiastic and creative and has a ton of energy. near 'bout curses like a sailor, but it's all in good fun. they all called me Miss Sanderson and it freaked me out.

after the open house, i rushed back to get to crusade's first meeting on time. the pastor at vintage 21 church spoke and did an excellent job. however, it was kind of weird. i didn't know the majority of the people in the room, and it's been about three years since that's happened. nataleigh timberlake had fun telling me that it was "our last first crusade meeting ever." that might not be true for me since i want to join staff, but it's definitely true as a student. i don't know if it was a post-lebanon thing, or if it was a "i'm a senior" thing, but it was so weird. it bothered me that we were all together...and not fellowshipping with not-yet believers. i'm interested to see how this year is going to pan out with these thoughts in mind.

friday was...interesting. it was a full day of turning in papers and giving presentations. about 8 of us went out to lunch during our 2 hour break. we went over our presentations for that day and we talked about the joys and horrors about our individuals cooperating teachers. i'm loving spending the entire day with the same twenty girls. we know each other very well and we have a lot of laughs together. it's great to have a solid group walk you through this...interesting semester in my life. after my classes, i shot home and threw some laundry in the washer and then went across the street to spend some time with two of my favorite kiddos, Mason and Carson Hetzell. after babysitting, i went back to Raleigh and my Allison Tart spent the night.

we slept til noon on saturday and then got ready and went to the "I'm Having Crusade Summer Project Withdrawal DINNER!" i heard some stories about what the Lord did across the universe this summer and then went back to wendell to babysit some cousins of mine, edward and analee apple. so. stinkin. cute. analee painted my nails and edward and i took turns chasing each other around the house. we then ate lots of cookies n cream ice cream and watched 'Annie' until we all fell asleep in the sleeping bags in the playroom.

i started off the long weekend as an adult being called Miss Sanderson...and i ended it covered in pink nail polish who slept in a cinderlla sleeping bag. welcome to the life of an over involved twenty one year old :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

world of syllabi.

My mom tells me often that she looks forward to my phone call at the end of the first day of every semester. It's the day where I get all of my syllabi for the semester. The minute I have one in my hand, I read over all of the assignments, and throughout the day I get more and more stressed out after seeing the number of things that these people wish me to accomplish during the course of a semester. Many, MANY four letter words rush through my brain during the first few days. Apparently my stress is her entertainment.

This was no different. I only have two actual classes this semester since I am student teaching, however, each class is two and half hours long. That's a ton of work that has the potential to be assigned in a day. Like today for instance, three papers were assigned in my first class, and then a presentation was assigned in my second. All of these things must be accomplished by Friday. Oh joy.

I could sit here and complain about this day for a while, but I'm going to stop now.

Here's some good things about today:
1. I parked in the Coliseum Parking Deck for the very first time with my legit parking pass. I felt so grown up.
2. Both of my classes are all girl. It's rather fabulous. The only men I see are my four professors (two professors per class).
3. There's only 21 of us in my classes. It's the same 21 that will be graduating together.
4. I did some serious coupon clipping today. Coupon clipping makes me happy.
5. I had a great discussion about Lebanon with one of my professors. I ran into him at the bookstore and I was speaking Arabic on the telephone and for some reason he was curious why this white, blonde haired, green eyed girl is speaking Arabic.
6. I got a babysitting gig with the Hetzell's for Friday night. These kids are my favorite 5-year-old and 2-year-old in the entire. world.

Just a small update for a crazy day. I'm sure this is going to get more and more interesting as the student teaching experience goes on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eight Things.

so i've seen these things where you go through each month and sum it up in a nutshell. and then i've seen "top ten must haves" for certain parts of life. i have liked what i have seen/read, and so i decided to combine them. it's the eighth month of the here's my eight top things/moments/memories of my two thousand ten :)

(in no particular order)

08. day at the orphanage: monsurieh, lebanon.
07. encouraging emails from america to lebanon.
06. communal nap times in lebanon.
05. slop. it's this new recipe that i've concocted...and i'm a fan.
03. erin/todd/matt visit for the weekend.
02. jewelry show at vegas.
01. cirque de soleil at vegas.

it's been fun.

and i'm a senior tomorrow. in college.
i'm. freaking. out.

we'll see how this whole "tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life" thing goes...