Monday, September 30, 2013

Here Goes Nothing!

First off, don't you love the new layout? My sweet friend Haley over at The Blue Dishes did a re-vamp for me over the weekend. This blog is about to get a bunch of traffic, so it was time for a bit more grown-up feel.

Speaking of new things...

I have an idea.

I'm twenty-four years old. I have a career. I pay all of my bills. So, here goes nothing:

Online dating.

Yep. That's my idea.

Colossal, isn't it?

90 days of online dating. 90 days of liking photos, sending emails, and talking to strangers.

The best part: you get to read about it.

Let me break this down for you:

Who: Me, Reba, yours truly, will be signing up for an online dating site. While on this site I will be posting some reactions, some conversations, and some really good comedy on this blog. 

What: Online dating. Use your imagination. 

Where: My house. My computer. A few restaurants/bars in downtown, I would imagine.

When: Today to December 31, 2013. 

How: A free dating site (that I will not be disclosing until they give me some kind of endorsement deal) and a keyboard.

Why: I need creative release. I need fresh stories to tell.
And, truthfully, I want online dating to get out of its stigma. I've had a few friends try it. I've had a few friends marry the people they met on the sites. For many of them, I know that telling their families "hey, I'm on an online dating site" was a long conversation. As it's the most common way for couples to meet in this day and age, this baffles me. Maybe I'm just stuck in a bubble with very conservative people, but I don't think it's weird, and I don't understand why others do. Our whole lives are on the internet; why can't dating be?

When I originally got this idea, it was to help coach boys how to date girls. I've been on a few amazing dates. I've been on plenty mediocre dates, and, more often than not, I've been on dates where I've considered dropping my steak knife on my foot to give myself an excuse to leave. In the majority of my experience, I've found that very few guys know how to keep a conversation with the opposite sex. I know we're gorgeous, gentlemen, but c'mon. I've found that men often over-share to the point of running girls off or they're too scared to look us in the eye, and thus make it difficult to convince us to go on a second date.
I wanted to do this social experiment to find material where I could start a conversation for the gentlemen on how to be gentlemen. However, after some wise counsel from trusted friends, that won't be the main focus of this 90-day experiment.  Will there be advice thrown in here? Of course. I like my advice. People should listen to me more often. But my main focus will be story telling. 

My main focus is to entertain you people and to carry you along with me as I go through the roller coaster of dating the 21st century way.

1. I will respond to every single e-mail I receive.
2. I will never, at any point, compromise my morals or integrity for this experience. 
3. Real names will never be used -- just because someone's going to the internet to find a date doesn't mean that the same someone wants their business all over the internet.
4. I will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning until the beginning of 2014 with some update about my online dating experience. 
5. I will do my very best to be entertaining, positive, and truthful during this experience.

So, here it goes, ladies and gentlemen: dating, the 21st century way!